Welcome to SSS Telecom! We are a SIM Card distribution company.

How It Works How we get you up earning

How it Works

"I'm really happy with the increased revenue stream SSS telecom have provided me compared to my previous sim supplier. It means I'm now earning a lot more each month and wouldn't hesitate to recommend SSS Telecom to anybody." Mr G.Hare — Spar Shop, Birmingham
"My previous supplier promised commissions but never delivered since working with SSS Telecom I've been able to get full detailed reports and regular payments." A.Platt — The Phone Kiosk, Lancaster
"The customer service and support I've had from SSS Telecom has been superb. Stock is delivered efficiently and I'm now making a extra revenue each month." Shazad Ali — Fone Zone, London
"SSS Telecom are always able to support me in my Sim needs. Goods are dispatched within 24 hours and goods are always in stock. I would recommend them to others." D.Ansah — The Gadget Shop, Manchester
"I am always approached by companies offering me free Sim cards. But since working with SSS telecom I've earned more money and feel there approach is more genuine and honest. I would recommend them to others." John Heeney — Cash Generator, East Midlands

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