What We Do

SSS Telecom work closely with MNOs, MVNOs, MVNE’s and MVNA’s and other network operators in developing and operating strategic projects and find innovative ways to generate extra revenue and increase customer spending etc.


SSS Telecom is a trusted partner of MNOs, MVNOs, MVNE’s, MVNA’s, APVnos as well as other key strategic partners encompassing Large Retail Groups, Distributors, NGOS and a variety of other organisations and channels.


Over 150,000 active users of our virtual numbers and growing.


SSS Telecom is in the process of becoming a MVNO and MVNE in over 10 countries worldwide.


SSS Telecom terminate in excess of 20 Million Minutes Per Month of Voice Traffic


SSS Telecom terminate in excess of 80 Million SMS messages per month (P2P, A2P)

SSS Telecom delivers a comprehensive range of services and products including physical hardware such as Mobile handsets, Sim Cards, Travel Sims, IOT M2M Sims and specialist software for the telecoms industry. We also offer other REV share/Traffic opportunities for its network partners.

SSS Telecom has a specialist division that supplies solutions such as virtual mobile numbers to specialist APP developers worldwide at the forefront of innovative ideas and solutions in this rapidly changing market
SSS Telecom has a dedicated rental phone solution deployed in several countries which it is looking to expand across the globe.

The Telecoms industry is growing at a rapid pace we have the flexibility to meet the needs of any sized business. From SME’s through to large corporates, charities, resellers and services providers, we work closely with all our clients to help them increase revenues and operate more efficiently.

SSS Telecom is at the forefront of telephony innovation.

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